Gloryland Gospel Band is a non-profit music ministry that started in 1998.

Over the years our group has performed at many venues, big and small. From “A Prairie Home Companion” with Garrison Keillor to Sunday church services, we have shared our music with people of all ages. But one particular audience group seems to be moved more than most—seniors.

Connecting with seniors

The seniors we sing to recall our songs with fond memories. They grew up in an era where the radio and music was an integral part of their lives. We’ve seen up close how music can transform people. Individuals who appear frail and sad come to life right before our eyes. Some individuals move more during our performances than they might during the rest of the week. Others are brought to tears by thoughts of loved ones and past times. After our shows, we are showered with grateful comments and words of thanks.

Embracing joy, love, and sorrow

We have come to realize over the years that singing to our friends isn’t just about the music. It’s about taking time after the concert to hear their stories and recall how certain songs might have been “mom’s favorite” or “the first song my husband and I danced to.” Our music unleashes a lifetime of love, joy, and sometimes sorrow. It reminds us that we are doing what we’re meant to do and need to do—in the right place, at the right time.